*GIVEAWAY* Trying KD Boost Flavours in 2021 (w/ Alex and Vas)

*GIVEAWAY* Comment below what KD Boost flavour YOU would make for your chance to win a Cotton Candy, a Butter Chicken, and a Buffalo Wings pack! Giveaway closes August 11th at noon.

This week, Alex and Vas try the new KD Boost Flavours for Kraft Dinner!

Following her ususal pattern, Alex has seen these wacky boost packets all over the internet, so obviously she had to try it, and Vas is just along for the ride. With flavours like Cotton Candy and Poutine (a Quebec exclusive), it seems like something that could be really cool!! Let’s see how that works out…

Filming: Alex Bolton and Vassili Marinis

Editing: Vassili Marinis