New Years Resolutions 2021

New Years Resolutions. We’ve all made em. (We’ve all broken em.) Pretty much anyone can think of something they want to change for the new year in order to ~better themselves~.

This year though, things are a little bit different. We can’t all say we’re gonna hit the gym more, then spend the 3rd week of January binge watching Grey’s Anatomy for the 5th time.

So with that, maybe you’re looking for new resolution inspirations, or maybe you’re just curious to see what other people are up to. Here are some ways that WE are treating resolutions differently this year!

  • Treat Yourself

This resolution is pretty self explanatory, but a lot of us seem to forget it. Its important to treat ourselves from time to time. This can be just buying something nice, replacing an old item of clothing before waiting for it to fall apart, or even practicing self care! YOU MATTER, and if 2020 has taught me anything, it’s that we all need to act like we know that. So make sure to treat yourself in 2021!


  • Focus on what YOU want

This kind of links into treating yourself, but another thing I learned in 2020 was making sure to prioritize my goals and values. There are going to be people that go against that, even sometimes people in your own life, but it’s important to make sure that you surround yourself with positive and supportive people. Make decisions for YOURSELF, because making decisions for or based on others, at least for me, has never worked out. So think of yourself in 2021, be good to YOU, because you are worth it!


  • Home Workouts

Of course, just because we can’t hit the gym in 2021, doesn’t mean we can’t up you at-home workout game!! I know I definitely have trouble getting motivated to work out at home, so I’m going to try and keep a consisten workout routine with what I have available to be and try to do the best I can! And with Peloton, Apple Fitness+, YouTube, and a whole list of other workout tools, there has never been more help for people to work out at home. ALSO, this too links to treating yourself hahaha!


So in case it wasn’t clear, the theme for 2021: TREAT YOURSELF!