Paparazzi 3-21-17

Jennifer Lopez On Live With Kelly … she still gets along with Marc Anthony. J-Lo says they are making a new CD together. Her daughter loves sewing.  Audio

Penelope Cruz is going to play Donatella Versace in the new American Crime Story series about fashion designer Gianni Versace.

Kevin James is going to film a new comedy special for Netflix. It will air in 2018.

The Big Bang Theory is going to continue for two more years after producers signed a two-year contract renewal with CBS.

Us Weekly claims Chuck Berry died of natural causes.

Eric Trump and his wife Lara are expecting their first child.

Adele was recently performing in Melbourne, Australia when she bashed a security guard for telling fans to sit down. The magazine quotes her as saying: “Just before we go to the next song … excuse me, sir? I know you work here, but could you stop telling people to sit down?”

Zayn Malik tells the Sunday Times Style magazine that he and Gigi Hadid have nicknames for one another. ”I call her Gee, she calls me Zee.”

Camila Cabello tells Fault magazine that she hopes to release her first solo CD this year.

Dave Chappelle Remembers The Late Prince And The First Time He Ever Performed … Dave talks about how his sister went to see Prince in concert when ‘Purple Rain’ came out. She was in the front row and caught a guitar pick from Prince.  Audio

Selena Gomez has trademarked her name for a jewelry line.

Backstreet Boys star A.J. McLean and his wife Rochelle are the proud parents of a new baby girl.

The handwritten lyrics to Tupac’s song Dear Mama are going to be auctioned off. The lyrics to that track and other songs could sell for $75,000.

Spice Girl Mel B has filed for a divorce from her husband of 10 years Stephan Belafonte. Mel is seeking joint custody of their five-year-old daughter.”

Backstreet Boys recently met a 96 year-old fan named Adeline Stevens. They posed for pictures and signed autographs in Vegas.

Rob Lowe and his sons are going to hunt aliens and ghosts on a new A&E show called The Lowe Files.

Robert Downey Jr. is going to star in a new Doctor Dolittle film. He is taking over the franchise from Eddie Murphy.

Richard Simmons wants $500,000 to appear in public again.

A woman, who appeared on the Australian version of The Bachelor, has been arrested for running a large drug dealing operation Down Under.

Jake Gyllenhaal On Jimmy Fallon … Jake says he and Ryan Reynolds got in trouble while filming their new movie ‘Life.’ They joked around so much the producers pulled them to the side to tell them to ‘cut it out.’  Audio

Ben Stiller saw the message of Somalia needing food and helped spread the word. Turkish Airlines agreed to help for as long as the hunger crisis continues. A GoFundMe page set up to buy the goods has raised over $1.8-million so far.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been spotted riding his bike in Australia without a helmet. It’s an offense that comes with hefty fines in both Melbourne and Sydney.

RadarOnline is reporting Katherine Heigl and hubby Josh Kelley are heading for a divorce. The site claims the fact that her show “Doubt” flopped is driving a wedge between the couple. A rep for Heigl says the story is completely untrue.

Brooke Mueller pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of attempted failure to stop at police command. She said she didn’t see the cop, and drove on for six more miles. Her misdemeanor charge of reckless driving and a citation for failing to get her Utah driver’s license was dropped.

Blowing out their candles:

Scott Eastwood (31)

running back Adrian Peterson (32)

Sum 41’s Deryck Whibley (37)

Kevin Federline (39)

Rosie O’Donnell (55)

Matthew Broderick (55)

Gary Oldman (59)

Eddie Money (68)