Paparazzi 3-14-17

The Bachelor: Recap: The two women visit Nick at his home. Raven is in love with Nick. Vanessa has some intense conversations with his family. Audio

Camila Cabello tells Latina Magazine that her friendship with Taylor Swift goes beyond their careers. ”Our friendship has never been about career or anything professional. I tell her about boys and cry to her about boys.

Ed Sheeran has invested in a clothing brand called Hoax. They specialize in street and skate wear.

Adele was recently performing in Australia when she revealed she has a secret Twitter account.

Pharrell only made $2,700 in songwriter royalties from his song ”Happy”. The track was played 43 million times.

George Michael left his $15 million London mansion to his sister.

Kristen Bell tells the Press Association that she hopes Disney waits 10 years before making a live-action version of Frozen.

Snooki tells People magazine that her children are enthralled with her stretch marks.

Laurence Fishburne’s daughter Montana was charged with a DUI on Saturday after rear-ending a car near her home in Fort Lauderdale.Montana blew a .177.

CBS is doing a Big Bang Theory spin-off that will chronicle young Sheldon Cooper’s life.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez went on vacation together over the weekend. J.Lo posted a picture snuggling with her boo on Instagram Story although she quickly took it down. Insiders insist neither J.Lo or A-Rod are looking for a serious relationship.

Gabourey Sidibe got weight loss surgery last May after working out and changing her lifestyle.

RadarOnline is claiming Angelina Jolie has a new man in her life and you can tell because she has a “glow.”  The site claimed Jolie was spotted with a “mystery man” in Cambodia…who turned out to be her security guard.

Mark Wahlberg signed an eight-figure deal with AT&T to be a spokesperson and content creator.

Jason Hoppy was arrested for allegedly stalking Bethenny Frankel. Prosecutors offered to let him plea to harassment as a violation in exchange for completing an anger management program. A judge adjourned the case to April 26th.

Camille Grammer was recently asked if she was open to getting married again. She dissed her ex, Kelsey Grammer, by saying that he changes marriage like he changes characters.

Blowing out their candles:

Olympian Simone Biles (20)

NBA star Steph Curry (29)

Jersey Shore star Sammi Giancola, aka Sammi Sweetheart, (30)

Taylor Hanson of Hanson (34)

Chris Klein (38)

Rick Dees (67)

Billy Crystal (69)

Quincy Jones (84)