Paparazzi 2-3-17

President Donald Trump DESTROYS Arnold Scharzenegger Over His LOW ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ Ratings.  Audio

Lady Gaga says she will not be wearing a meat dress during her Super Bowl halftime performance.

Sharknado 5 has begun filming in Bulgaria with Ian Ziering and Tara Reid

Nordstrom’s is no longer carrying Ivanka Trump’s brand due to declining sales.

New Movies Opening Tonight: Rings (Rated PG-13) and The Space Between Us (Rated PG-13).

Beyonce is going to perform at the Grammys on February 12th. Lemonade is nominated for an Album of the Year Grammy.

Thieves recently stole $200,000 worth of valuables from Nicki Minaj’s L.A. mansion.

The Weeknd has launched his own clothing line through H&M.

Britney Spears was recently performing in Vegas when one of her dancers accidentally grabbed her outfit in the wrong place causing her chest to pop out.

Lady Gaga Super Bowl Press Conference … Lady Gaga is performing at halftime of the Super Bowl. Audio

Andy Grammer tells People magazine that he is putting his phone away for Valentine’s Day because that is the best gift he can give his wife.

Beyonce set a new Instagram “Like” record when her pregnancy announcement received more than 7 million likes.

E! News claims Harry Styles celebrated his 23rd birthday in Hollywood on Wednesday. Adele and Motley Crue rocker Tommy Lee attended.

Ed Sheeran’s concert tickets for his upcoming tour sold out within minutes. Now, fans are selling the tickets for 10 times face value.

New England Patriots QB Tom Brady Gets A Big Time SCARE During His Super Bowl Press Conference … New England Patriots tight end Martellus Bennett interrupts Brady’s press conference and scares him. Audio

Mariah Carey exercises in high heels. She recently posted a picture of herself wearing a leotard, black fishnet stockings and 4-inch stiletto heels.

Fuller and Full House star Candace Cameron Bure tells E! News that she feels more sane since leaving The View.

Sofia Vergara says her TV hubby Ed O’Neill is her fitness inspiration. The 70-year-old works out every day.

Michael Lohan is trying to go to the top when it comes to getting help for drug addicts in the United States. “This epidemic is threatening our country far worse than the threat posed by Muslims trying to enter this country.” He said.

UBER CEO Travis Kalanick is dropping out of President Trump’s business advisory council – it’s scheduled to have its first meeting today. Sources say Kalanick told employees in a memo he was leaving the board due to the President’s immigration policy.

Keanu Reeves On Live With Kelly … Keanu is a chill guy. He says traffic and NOT getting his Sushi fast enough ruffle his feathers. Audio

Blowing out their candles:

rapper Sean Kingston (27)

George Clooney’s wife Amal Clooney (39)

Latin star Daddy Yankee (40)

actress Isla Fisher (41)

actor Nathan Lane (61)
actress Morgan Fairchild (67)

actress Blythe Danner (74)

former NFL QB Fran Tarkenton (77)