Monday To Friday
6AM / 9AM
Hey, we’re not fooling anyone here – we’re lucky to be working at all! After what happened between Kat and our last boss… Doctors say they’ll grow back for the most part. Honestly, we answer the phone, tell 3 fart jokes and play some pretty cool music. PLEASE reach out to us on Twitter and Facebook – we love it when you digitally stalk us! CALL THE SHOW! Yes, we actually take phone calls – our show is all about YOU!We’re gonna have fun everyday and chat about the things going on in your life – and if we don’t, it’s because it’s JJ’s time of the month 😆 We’re VERY EXCITED to be waking up Montreal on 94-7 HITS FM!!!! Kat & JJ – THE 94-7 HITS FM Playhouse

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