How To De-Stress When Life Gets Crazy!

Written by: Zoha Vaseghi



We all experience those times in our lives when life gets reaaaally tough and you are overwhelmed with everything. Here are some tips on how to stay calm and reduce stress when things go haywire.


  1. Meditation

Meditation is known to reduce stress and anxiety. There are many ways that you can meditate. You can always take a class, such as yoga, or watch YouTube videos on easy ways to meditate at home.


  1. Exercise

Go to the gym and do some exercise. This could be a a way to have a little alone time and get things off your mind. If you don’t have a gym membership or do not have the time to go to a gym, go for a run or even a 10 minute walk. Getting fresh air always helps!


  1. Explore your creative side

Do something creative. Draw, sing, dance, etc. Art has always been a way for human beings to express themselves. Being creative can help you get all your emotions out and create something beautiful out of it. Not to mention it can be super relaxing!


  1. Have a spa day!

Go to the spa either alone or with someone special in your life and just relax. This is a very peaceful and fun activity that can help you forget about everything and relax. If you can’t go to a spa, buy or make a face mask and take a bath!


  1. Go out!

Get some of your friends together and go for a drink at a bar, just catching up, or go out to some of the awesome clubs here in Montreal and dance your “problems” out. Of course, always make sure to drink responsibly 😉


  1. Listen to music.

Research shows that music can soothe everyday stress and anxiety! You can always find some time during the day to play some of your favorite songs. Music has a very powerful connection with our emotions therefore listening to music can have a very relaxing effect on our minds and bodies.


  1. Turn off your phone!

Wanna know how to take a real break from the world? Turn off your cellphone! You will instantly see how stress free you will be. We are so dependent on our phones and screens so being free from all that for a bit can really help you to not stress out about anything.


  1. Watch something funny.

Laughter is the best medicine. Did you know that it has been scientifically proven that laughter relaxes your whole body then relieves stress and physical tension? Laughing is good for your health, so laugh more often! It is as simple as that. You can watch a really funny viral video online, or go to stand up comedy shows with a couple of your friends.


Stress and anxiety are emotions that human beings feel on a daily basis. Learning how to control and reduce those emotions are important for your health. Little tips like this can make your day a lot more stress-free, and you a lot more happier!