Paparazzi 11-4-16

Teen Thinks Rapper Eminem Is Her Father On Dr. Phil … Haley lied about appearing on American Idol and says rapper Eminem is her father. Audio

TMZ claims Mariah Carey is getting $1 million to sing two songs at a Saks Fifth Avenue store in Toronto. She will be helping them debut their new Christmas window displays.

MSN claims Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg lost $3.7 billion on Wednesday after his company’s stock tumbled.

New Movies Opening Tonight: Doctor Strange (Rated PG-13), Trolls (Rated PG) and Hacksaw Ridge (Rated R)

Fifth Harmony tells Digital Spy that they listen to country music before going on stage.

Naughty Gossip claims Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon may reconcile. A source tells InTouch Weekly: “Nick never stopped loving Mariah … It’s NOT totally out of the question.”

Dixie Chicks are ripping haters for criticizing Beyonce’s performance at the CMA Awards. They tweeted: ”If we all turn this up really loud, together we can drown out the hate”

Tiger Woods’ alleged new girlfriend Kristen Smith was recently stopped at the Palm Beach Airport with $200,000 in cash. She couldn’t explain to authorities why she had so much!

TMZ claims James Otis, the man who vandalized Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, may sue him and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce because his star is having a negative effect on Democracy. Otis has started a petition to get the star removed and claims he has 64,500 signatures.

Khloe Kardashian On Jimmy Kimmel … she says a Prince just gave Kendall Jenner a Rolls Royce. Audio

Ben Affleck’s family visited him in London while he was filming “Justice League.” One rainy day, he took his youngest son Samuel to an indoor playground, noting that the place had a lot of grown ups with ear pieces in. Eventually, he realized both Prince George and Charlotte were playing in the same area as his son.

Ryan Reynolds let it slip on Conan O’Brien’s show that his second child with Blake Lively is a little girl. It’s the second time he’s talked about having another daughter but this time he must have felt bad because he brought Lively her favorite cookie.

In her new movie “Lion,” Nicole Kidman plays the mother of an adopted son who goes back to India to find his biological family. For the actress, she didn’t have to work too hard to portray that relationship. Kidman is mother to two children she and Tom Cruise adopted: Isabella and Connor.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West fired their bodyguard. Pascal Duvier had been with Kanye since 2012 and Kim since 2013. The decision wasn’t personal but part of complete overhaul of their security.

If elected First Lady, Melania Trump said she’d work to improve a social media culture that has gotten “too mean and too tough,” and is riddled with insults based on “looks and intelligence.”

Blowing out their candles:

Jessa Duggar (24)

Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant (28)

Bethenny Frankel (46)

Matthew McConaughey (47)

Diddy (47)

Jeff Probst (55)

Ralph Macchio (55)

Kathy Griffin (56)