947 HITS FM and Le Fabreville Chambre et Suites want to spark some romance in your life!!  Email us your full name and contact info to and you could win a very special evening!!  Amazing dinner for 2 at Le Tire-Bouchon Bistro Parisien in Laval, and a suite for one night in one of the 16 thematic suites of Le Fabreville, all by limoousine with Joey’s Limo, for an unforgettable romantic night! There will be 1 winner each week in October, so email us your info to  and tell us why you deserve to win a romantic night out!! Brought to you by Le Fabreville Rooms and Suites, Le Tire-Bouchon Bistro Parisien in Laval, and Joey’s limo, only with your 20-in-a-row Hit Music Station 947 HITS FM!

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