Remember the days when Bob Saget and America’s Funniest Home Videos were our one and only look into the average joe’s shenanigans? Well nowadays we have everything from Twitter to, of course, YouTube. Every recorded laughing baby, pie in the face, dog on a skateboard, and of course the always-classic nutshot are forever frozen in time on the Youtubes. Well, forget good ol’ fashioned family home videos, there’s a whole new strain of internet clips- Russian dash cams.


From the country that brought you FPS Russia and these guys, comes a plethora of dashcam videos fueled by the areas high insurance fraud rate. In brief, basically people (read: idiots) will jump in front of cars in order to obtain some of that sweet, sweet insurance cash. Also, you can never really trust police, insurance companies, or even other drivers, so having a dashcam is a great way to keep yourself safe legally speaking.


But, more importantly for the rest of the world, dashcams have also given the beautiful gift of countless hours of entertainment.


Enjoy all the beauty (and… confusion?!) that is Russian dashcam footage (click the images to enjoy them in all their .gif glory)


So you have the random helecopters..


Or the random… tanks?!


If you thought Montreal road rage was bad…


…You haven’t seen anything yet


There are also the fella’s who clearly ate their lucky charms that morning


…like this guy…


…and this guy…


You might be thinking, why not just hitch a ride instead of driving?


At the end of the day, all you can do is pray that today is your lucky day


See you tonight at 7PM, friends




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